As of Nov 14, 2013 we will be announcing our
2013 MWV Photo Contest Winners!

Our “Calendar for Charity” is made up of our 6 winning photos from the annual MWV photo contest and are comprised of 1st & 2nd place winners in each of our 3 divisions; Student, Amateur and SemiPro/Pro. In addition, 6 of our Honorable Mentions are selected to make what we call our “top 12” and become our “calendar picks”. Photos displayed in the calendar all have added inspirational quotes selected by our committee to enhance the meaningfulness and enjoyment of the calendar all year long. Calendars are available for purchase for a $10.00 donation with all net proceeds going to one of our selected local charities. Click here to read more about our charity recipients this year, and then we hope you will click here to buy your calendars!

2012 Winners:

First Place Winners

"Moose in the Morning" by Peter Eastman
"Serenity on Lower Kimball" by Karl Pfeil
1st place Amateur

"Jackson Falls" by Joshua Greenblatt
"Mt. Washington Citadel" by David Sordi
1st place Semi-Pro

"Shadows on a White Birch" by Lisa Carper
"Bee Happy" by Erin Friberg
1st place Student

Second Place Winners

"Loon" by Jimmy Connors
"Reflections" by Kevin LaCasse
2nd place Amateur

"Freedom" by Mike Dana
"Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Ed Harrigan
2nd place Semi-Pro

"Bemis Falls" by Madi Doucette
"Lazy Fox" by Alex Fauver
2nd place Student

Honorable Mentions Selected for Calendar

"A New Generation" by Ed Harrigan
"Bella Luna" by Betsy Marcello
Semi Pro - Honorable Mention

“Steam in the Snow ” by Albert Martin
“Autumn Colors” by Dick Pollock
Pro- Honorable Mention

“Caught by Surprise” by Kim Mathison
“Rime Ice” by Tracie Henry
Amateur - Honorable Menton

“Who gives a Hoot about Winter” by Linda Fairchild
“Moose and Cow” by Jim Frati
Amateur - Honorable Mention

“Draft Horses at the Fryeburg Fair ” by Rachel Damon
“Curiosity” by Heather Hutchins Durgin
Pro - Honorable Mention

“Crystal Blue Morning” by Sue Rose
“Surprise Visitor” by Frank Klay
Pro - Honorable Mention

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